Parks and Trails Projects

Pine Hills Trail

  • Orange County, Florida
  • Project Value: $ 5,676,736.00
  • Project Status: Completed July 2017
  • Client: Orange County, Florida
  • A/E: Avcon, Inc.

This project involved the construction of 2.8 miles of 10' & 12’ wide multipurpose trail. The project begins at Barnett Park and travels through existing power easements across Pine Hills Rd up to Silverstar Rd. The project includes concrete and asphalt trails and an elevated walkway around an existing retention pond on the South side of Silverstar Rd. Additional project elements include retaining wall stabilization, new storm drainage, relocated utilities, traffic signals, landscaping & irrigation, architectural signage and pedestrian traffic control.

Pine Hills Trail Photo Gallery

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Fort Fraser Trail

  • Project Value: $ 5,400,000
  • Project Status: Completed December 2006
  • Client: City of Lakeland
  • A/E: Dyer, Riddle, Mills & Precourt

This project involved the construction of 7.7 miles of multi-use asphalt trail along a former railroad line, including two trailheads with picnic pavilions, fencing, architectural concrete, and decorative site furnishings. The project also contained four bridges, two of which were converted from existing railroad bridges.This project was funded through several different agencies and initially budget-challenged. However, through G&R’s value engineering effort, the City of Lakeland was able to achieve their goal.

Fort Fraser Photo Gallery

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Jacksonville Riverwalk

  • Project Value: $ 2,248,000
  • Project Status: Completed December 2005
  • Client: City of Jacksonville
  • A/E: Akel, Logan & Shafer

The Riverwalk project was approximately ½ mile of 12’ wide brick paver path. The project schedule was extremely short as the Super Bowl was coming to Jacksonville and the path had to be complete prior to the game. The budget was also constrained and by reusing a existing dock for the pedestrian bridge foundation, the project not only met its budget but was also completed on time.

Jax Riverwalk Photo Gallery

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Sarasota Rails to Trail, a.k.a. Legacy Trail

  • Sarasota, Florida
  • Project Value: $ 14,700,000
  • Project Status: Completed May 2008
  • Client: Sarasota County
  • A/E: Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.*

*Design-Build Project Delivery

This project involved the design and construction of a 10 mile long multiuse trail. The project was the conversion of an existing railroad corridor. Included were 8 new bridges, over 82,000 SY of asphalt paving, arsenic remediation, and new water and reuse force mains. The project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

Legacy Trail Photo Gallery

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Seminole Wekiva Trail

  • Seminole County, Florida
  • Project Value: $ 2,364,000
  • Project Status: Completed August 2002
  • Client: Seminole County

This project involved the construction of an 8-mile asphalt multipurpose trail with equestrian path. Specifics include paving, base (recycled concrete fines), grading, drainage, exfiltration system, keystone block retaining wall, scenic overlooks, landscaping & irrigation, informational kiosk, rest areas, architectural signage, pedestrian traffic control and signalization.

Seminole Wekiva Photo Gallery

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