Streetscape Projects

Cleveland St. Streetscape

  • Project Value: $ 8,950,000
  • Project Status: Completed December 2007
  • Client: City of Clearwater
  • A/E: Bellomo-Herbert

This project involved the complete reconstruction and streetscaping of a ½ mile section of Cleveland Street in downtown Clearwater. The project included substantial utility relocations including 8” and 12” waterlines and over 3,000 lf of storm drainage pipe ranging from 18” to 54” diameter. This project spanned four city blocks.

A unique aspect of this project was the MOT. Originally designed to be completed in halves along its length, G&R worked with the City and local businesses to revise this plan allowing for completion on a per block basis. This was not only a cost saving measure but also reduced the overall project schedule. The construction impacts to the businesses were also substantially reduced.

Cleveland Street Photo Gallery

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Fuller Warren Streetscape

  • Project Value: $ 1,916,000
  • Project Status: Completed July 2008
  • Client: City of Jacksonville
  • A/E: Akel, Logan & Shafer

This project involved the conversion of an asphalt parking lot to a streetscape park with a stage, terraced seating, brick pavers, decorative fencing along the river, and a new bathroom facility. The project is a continuation of the Riverwalk along the north bank of the St. Johns river, and will serve as a gathering area for weekend open-air markets art shows and festivals.

Fuller Warren Photo Gallery

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San Marco Drive Towncenter

  • Project Value: $ 1,329,000
  • Project Status: Completed May 2007
  • Client: City of Jacksonville
  • A/E: HDR Engineering, Inc.

This project involved streetscape improvements including traffic calming medians, curb and gutter, concrete pavement, brick paver sidewalks, historic lighting, landscaping and irrigation along with a underground water line that included a jack and bore.

San Marco Dr. Photo Gallery

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City of Windermere Main St.

  • Project Value: $ 2,468,000
  • Project Status: Completed October 2005
  • Client: Town of Windermere
  • A/E: Canin & Associates

This streetscape project involved the installation of Main Street improvements including two traffic roundabouts, underground storm chamber system, underground utilities, concrete pavement, curb & sidewalk, drainage structures, pipe, brick pedestrian and vehicular pavers, fencing, seat wall, architectural signage, landscaping & irrigation and site furnishings.

Windermere Main St. Photo Gallery

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Main St. Streetscape: Lakeland

  • Project Value: $ 4,580,000
  • Project Status: Completed November 2007
  • Client: City of Lakeland
  • A/E: Chastain Skillman, Inc.

This project involved the reconstruction of Main Street in Lakeland, Florida. It included utility relocations, stormwater modifications, curb, sidewalk, signage, signalization, and a phased MOT plan. Coordination with the City, Amtrak, and business owners was key to this projects’ success.

Lakeland Main St. Photo Gallery

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