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Gibbs & Register, Inc. offers online access for our employees to some HR information. We also offer online access to future employees of Gibbs & Register, Inc. Please follow the link if you are interested in joining our Team. You can also submit your résumé or employment application online.

Who Are We?

Gibbs & Register is a company that “GIVES.” The word Give is defined as “to place in the keeping or possession of, to donate, contribute, the quality or state of being resilient.” Our employees personify this word, and as a team we bring our mission statement to life. We each have a responsibility at Gibbs & Register to strive in giving our best to our company, clients, and coworkers. Each year many of our employees join together to volunteer their time and resources through various projects such as Habitat for Humanity, food packaging drives for the people of Burundi, stocking food pantries for local charities, and toy drives during the holidays. With so many talented and giving individuals, Gibbs & Register has been fortunate in being able to give to those less fortunate in places such as Burundi, Africa, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, local shelters, and charities like The Russell Home. The spirit of giving at G&R is an integral part of our culture and reflects the values that guide our daily lives.

Our Company Culture

Gibbs & Register has and continues to pay special attention to our Culture. Since 1990 our business continues to be family owned and operated with its foundation built on strong Christian values. A strategic planning meeting was held in 2007 and Culture was one of the many topics discussed. Based on a number of employee evaluations we determined that our culture is built on tradition and deliberateness. Our employees and management are intelligent and thoughtful. We consider issues carefully prior to making changes. We have a number of systems in place, and yet we are flexible in forming or reforming our teams in accordance with the needs of our clients. The employees we hire generate a valuable flow of diverse talent with fresh perspectives. In addition to this, our senior management strives to communicate frequently with our employees. Our goal is to cultivate employees by encouraging development through mentoring and/or formal training. We don’t believe in wasting time and resources to reinvent the wheel!

Your Future at G&R

Gibbs & Register strives to continually train and educate employees. We offer new positions and promote employees from within the organization. We hold classes on a yearly basis on topics ranging from safety to software training. We also make efforts to accommodate requests made by employees to receive specialized training in areas that will enhance their careers at G&R. We take pride in the benefits we offer to our employees, and families. We are always looking for great employees to take the next step in their future here at G&R.


G&R is an EEO/AA company; should any assistance be required with employment applications and/or applying in person, please contact the HR Department at 407-654-6133.
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