A Culture of Safety

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At Gibbs & Register, Inc. we believe in cultivating a culture of safety that is ever present at all levels within our organization. Our employees are our most important asset, and we want to take whatever steps necessary to ensure they arrive home safely to their families. We constantly strive to attain our ultimate goal: zero incidents and zero accidents.

We are proud of the culture of safety we have developed at Gibbs & Register. For more information regarding safety, please contact our Safety Director, Mr. Brian Huffman at 407-654-6133 or safety@gibbsandregister.com
Gibbs & Register’s safety program continuously evolves to meet the demands of our industry. We measure the success of our program by the following:
  • Active Employee Engagement: Front line employees are continuously encouraged to provide input about how we can work safely.
  • Safety Training: We actively monitor our work to identify hazards, and train our employees accordingly.
    • Trench/Evacuation Safety
    • Confined Space
    • Power Tools
    • Maintenance of Traffic
    • Hazard Communication
    • OSHA 10 Hour
  • Project Safety Inspections: Safety inspections are conducted on a weekly basis. Results of the inspections are shared across all levels of management. Results of the inspections are shared with all levels of management. Issues are abated on site and immediate feedback is shared with onsite management and frontline employees.
  • Weekly Tool Box Safety Meetings: Topics are relate to the work at hand, and any incidents and/or near misses are communicated
  • Operational Analysis: Safety is integrated into the approach
  • Job Hazard Analysis: JHA’s help employees identify all of the potential hazards of a work area, before the work begins
  • Behavior Based Incentive Program: Incentives are not awarded solely based on an accident/incident or a lack thereof. Key indicators of safe or unsafe behaviors are also considered.
  • Identifying Leading Indicators: Taking the appropriate steps to learn what might cause an accident before it happens.
  • Drug Free Workplace: Pre-employment, post accident and random testing

The construction industry is recognized as being one of the most hazardous industries in which to work. Continued focus and consistent execution of the processes above, will allow us to achieve our goal of zero incidents and zero accidents.
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Gibbs & Register, Inc.
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